In recent years, a main stay in our breeding program has been Maxbuck. He is a Max grandson that combines the Max bloodline back with our original BJ Line. Maxbuck is a typical frame buck that has scored over 200 the last three years, including 209 at 7 in 2009. More impressive are the sons that he has produced, including Bowtie and Seven-Up. A good number of our does are daughters of Maxbuck.

Bowtie, a Maxbuck son, was a new breeder buck for us in 2009. He scored 194 this past year at 3, with a 23” spread, and a 5x6 frame. We are really excited to see Bowtie’s first fawns hit the ground in 2010.

Seven-Up, also a Maxbuck son, is a promising 2 year old that we estimate to score around 180 this year. He has a massive 7x7 typical frame, with some extras on the left side. We used Seven-Up as a breeder in 2008 and 2009, and plan to continue to use him as a breeder in the future.

Our herd also has a strong High Roller influence, as we bred with two High Roller sons, Turk and Slapshot, in 2006 to 2008. Turk and Slapshot's sons have really turned out nicely, with great width and length. Turk and Slapshot's oldest sons will be three in 2010. About a third of our current does are daughters of either Turk or Slapshot.

Pictures of our current breeder bucks can be viewed in the photo gallery on this page.

Each year we have bred does, open does and doe fawns for sale. If interested, please contact us for availability and pricing.

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