Our present day herd has a strong genetic foundation stemming from our original BJ line. BJ, or Bimbo Junior, was a buck that was born and raised on our farm and was our primary breeder buck in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. In his prime, BJ scored over 220, which was incredible for his time. BJ sired many great bucks in his day, including Waldvogel Whitetail’s Chief, whose grandsons Max and Flip speak for themselves. Although relatively unknown during his lifetime, BJ’s influence continues on today in many current day lines, including Max, Maxbo, and Rolex.

Please visit our Breeding Stock and Shooter Bucks pages to view more information on our present animals. We hope you enjoy our site and looking at our animals as much as we enjoy raising them. If you’re ever in the area, please stop by for a farm visit.

Welcome to Little Falls Whitetails. Located in central Wisconsin, Little Falls Whitetails has been raising deer since the 1970’s. We started out with one pen and a few deer in our park at Little Falls Resort. In the last 10 years, we’ve significantly expanded our farm to over 100 deer.

As our herd has grown over the years, we’ve tried to expand our genetics along the way. Our current herd includes Max, High Roller, Avalanche, Matrix, Redoy Weatherby, Walk’s Savage, Walter, Blazer, and Crazy Horse genetics added to our original BJ line. The results have been large-framed typical bucks that have “the look” that breeders and preserve owners are looking for.

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CWD Monitored May 2003 • TB Accredited • Brucellosis Certified